BANANA Ecstacy Recipe

Banana Ecstasy is quick & easy recipe. We generally use raw bananas to make sabzis(veggie). But this one have a twist. This is specially for banana lovers.In this recipe the main ingredient is dry fruit brittle(chikki) which is made in Indian homes during festive season. You can also make it as its also very easy. 

BANANA Ecstacy:


small bananas (elaichi kele or raw bananas) 5
butter 2 tbsps
vanilla sponge cake(u can choose ur flavor) 1 round
mixed nut chikki(dry fruit brittle) 2-3 pieces
raisins(daakh) 1 tbsp
tutti frutti 2 tbsps
honey 3 tbsps
icing sugar 1 tbsp
cocoa powder 1 tbsp
                         FOOD IS GOD

BANANA Ecstasy


1. Peel bananas and chop them into thin slices.
Heat butter in a non stick pan and when the butter melts add banana slices and cook.
2. Slice sponge cake horizontally.
3. Heat a non-stick pan and lightly toast one slice of the vanilla cake.
4. Crush together chikki(brittle) and raisins, add to the banana mixture and mix lightly. Add tutti frutti, turn off heat and add honey and mix.
5. Place the toasted sponge cake on a plate, spread the banana mixture over it. Sprinkle icing sugar and cocoa powder through a sieve(chalni), one after the other, over the banana mixture.
6. Serve with joy.

This mouth watering recipe is ready to  give you a different flavor.