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Cholesterol Abater

Eat Smart for a Healthy Heartheart

If you ever wonder why you should care about cholesterol levels, the facts are here for all to see:


  • High levels of Cholesterol are affecting more people at younger ages than ever before.
  • High cholesterol level is one of the major risk factors leading to heart attacks and strokes.
  • One of India’s biggest killers is heart disease (which is, again,  caused by too much of bad cholesterol) hahaha 👿

The interesting part is yet to come – majority of people are taken by surprise on being diagnosed with high cholesterol because this condition does not have any symptoms in most cases. High cholesterol almost always does not give any warning signs – it simply presents as an attack of angina (chest pain due to heart problems).

Stress2So what can you do to prevent cholesterol problems from doing the damage to your system? Or what can be done if you already have some damage done to the heart? It’s never too late to start. Even though there may have been damage done already, you can still get your cholesterol levels back on track with a proper diet.

So what are you waiting for?

Take health in your hands now… eat healthy and stay fit!
This is what FoodisGod all about .
What  does God do for us?
He gave us protection and blessing so as a good Food does it for us. that’s why Food is God. Worship it and it will give you a happy life to live.