ACIDITY(what the hell it is ?)

Many of us sometimes suffer from Acitidity and feels selfdejected. so today I am talking about it .

Acidity is one of the most common problems faced by most of us, irrespective of age, thanks to the lifestyles we follow today. From the young to the old aged, all of us experience acidity, some in fact experience it severely and even on a daily basis.


Normally, the stomach secretes hydrochloric acid which helps in food digestion. But when this acid production by glands in the stomach is more than normal, it leads to acidity. Acidity is thus basically caused by an imbalance between the acid secreted in the stomach and the protective mechanisms that ensure the stomach safety from the acid produced.


Acidity mainfests itself in different individuals in different ways, making them unconfortable. Some feel a burning sensation in their stomach, chest, throat, while others feel a pain in the upper abdomen, stomach especially after one to four hours of a meal. Some get a sour, bitter taste in the mouth due to oral secretions, belching, a sensation of nausea, vomitting etc. There are some who lose their appetite, have a strong headache etc. Other associated problems of acidity are indigestion, constipation, gas, bloatedness, reflux etc.

If you have any suggetion regarding this aur want to share some information about this please do not hesitate. BecauseOne who hesitates is lost“.

Treatments for Acidity:

1. Primary causes of acidity are our inappropriate food habits & lifestyles of today. However, there are no correct available solutions to treate this very actual cause.
2. Generally most people tend to consider acidity as a minor problem whose causes and symptoms are well understood by oneself and hence tend to self medicate. The most commonly used solutions are mild Antacids which work by neutralising the excess acid produced and also stronger allopathic medicines like Omeprazole, Alginic acid etc.
3. Though these options provide quick relief, the relief is short term and acidity recurs immediately once the medicine effect is over and inappropriate foods are consumed. Also, the person becomes drug dependant than drug free which further causes side effects in the long run.
4. Also, there are common myths and notions associated with acidity cure like drink buttermilk, lemon juice, cold milk etc which may – may not work for all body types.
5. However, as is obvious from the causes of acidity, the correct and easy way to be relieved from acidity is to have the right foods which suit your body and avoid foods which cause acidity. Keep in mind, the right foods to be eaten and those to be avoided would be different for each person based on his lifestyle, eating patterns and body type.